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Curtis Industries is a leading electrical components manufacturer recognized for their high quality electrical  components. Based in Milwaukee, WI, our engineers can design and develop custom, innovative solutions for nearly any industry. Using your exact specifications, we efficiently design an electrical component at cost-effective prices. From Europe to Asia to the United States, Curtis Industries has a reputation of producing effective, custom solutions which meet and/or exceed both industry and client expectations.

All of our products meet ISO, CSA and UL requirements. Our ability to solve complex technical challenges using innovative engineering solutions has earned us our reputation as a premier electrical component manufacturer.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are available in a wide range of configurations and types to fit every industry’s unique electrical connectivity requirements. Typically, terminal blocks are used in industrial equipment, power supply components or any other electrical application which requires a high current input and output connection. Curtis Industries offers:

  • Barrier Style Terminal Blocks
  • Relay Sockets
  • DIN Rail Blocks
  • PC Board Terminal Blocks

Each type of terminal block is available in a variety of styles, from single and dual row to mini terminal blocks and fuse blocks. Simply send our engineers your specifications and we will create a terminal block for your unique application.

RFI Filters

RFI power line filters are used in a variety of industries, especially the aerospace, military and medical fields. RFI filters are designed to filter out unwanted noise created by nearly every electronic device. Curtis Industries’ RFI filters meet all government emissions and safety requirements. We offer the following RFI filters:

  • Single Phase Filters
  • Medical Filters
  • Power Entry Modules
  • DC Filters
  • Three-Phase Filters

All our RFI filters are rigorously tested for quality. Our innovative computer-controlled safety and performance testing guarantees our products are the highest quality RFI filters on the market.

Liquid Level Controls

Liquid level controls sense and control the level of nearly any fluid or moist solid. We can manufacture them based on your exact specifications. We manufacture the following models:

  • ELS
  • ELC
  • LCT
  • LC
  • DLC
  • RSA
  • PCT
  • Series P
  • Accessories

Each unit can be customized to your unique needs, available with both fixed and adjustable set points. Based on your mode of operation, and any special functions which may be required, our engineers work with you to create a functional, effective liquid level control.

PC Board Blocks

PC board terminal blocks  from Curtis Industries are manufactured to the highest quality. We produce these electrical connectors tailored to your electrical and wiring requirements for your specific application. We offer the following styles of PC board blocks:

  • Single Row Terminal Blocks (91 Series)
  • Multi-Level Terminal Blocks (92 Series)
  • Female/Male Connectors
  • PCB Supports

No matter your specifications, our engineers can create a custom solution to meet your needs.

DIN Rail Blocks

Rail mounted blocks from Curtis Industries offer your company many benefits. Designed to mount on standard DIN rails, they feature vibration resistant clamp design and continue to be effective even after constant loosening and tightening of the blocks. We offer:

  • Screw and Screwless Connections
  • Fuse Blocks
  • Ground Blocks
  • Mounting Rails and Accessories

The functional design and durability of our DIN mounted rail blocks has made us the go-to manufacturer for many industries.

Relay Sockets

Our relay sockets are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Featuring compact, printed circuit design and maximum relay retention and connectivity, our relay sockets are manufactured to the highest industry standards. We offer accessories, CUS series, RS Series and tracks.

Military Grade Filters

Our military grade filters are custom designed to meet the needs of demanding military and aerospace applications. From Tempest filters to data control line filters, our engineers can produce high powered performance in durable, compact packages. Contact our team to learn more.

Legacy of Quality

All manufacturing is done at Curtis, a leading electrical components manufacturer. This allows all aspects of manufacturing to be tightly controlled, eliminating unneeded expenses. The result is outstanding quality in each product, delivered on time at an affordable price and to the exact specifications ordered by the client.