Curtis Industries is capable of producing custom moldings, designed to your specifications and delivered on time. Choose Curtis for your custom molding needs. Short Turn-Around Times Curtis uses Lean Manufacturing principles and one-piece flow principles to make our production process fast and accurate. Quality Customer Service We cut overhead costs and turn-around times without sacrificing

Helping to Understand RFI Filters For anyone who isn’t well-versed in the area of radio frequency interference, we’ve put together a short list of definitions to help you out. If you come across a word whose meaning you don’t readily know while reading our product specifications, return to this page for some guidance. For those

Tri-Mag’s own Jia-Ming Li was recently interviewed for Power Developer magazine for his expertise in customized power supplies. Read the Entire Interview Here              

Leading Terminal Block Manufacturers Provide Electrical Connectivity Solutions Terminal blocks  are electrical connectors used in industries requiring high-current input and output connections, such as industrial equipment, instrumentation components and power supply components. Terminal blocks allow you to attach wires in the same circuit without splicing or cutting the wires. As the leading manufacturer of electrical

Curtis Industries is a globally recognized manufacturer of high quality electrical  components. Based in Milwaukee, WI, our engineers can design and develop custom, innovative solutions for nearly any industry. Using your exact specifications, we efficiently design an electrical component at cost-effective prices. From Europe to Asia to the United States, Curtis Industries has a reputation

The Reason You Turn Your Cell Phone Off on Planes Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can be a real hassle. It’s degrading to electrical equipment when unchecked. Remember when the picture on your old television was fuzzy? It was being affected by RFI. Same thing when you’re trying to talk on a radio but an obstructive

Curtis Industries/Tri-Mag, LLC is pleased to announce that Gordon Austin has joined the team.  Gordon resides in Elmhurst, IL and will work both from the Curtis Industries Headquarters in Milwaukee, WI and his home office.  He will focus on the 18 state western region up to and including Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and New Mexico.

Curtis de Mexico is in the process of renewing its fleet of molding machines.  Two new injection molding machines, a 110-ton machine and a 180-ton machine, made by Japan Steel Works (JSW) of North America, have been delivered to the manufacturing facility.  Both machines are state-of-the-art, all-electric presses, which help assure the highest precision and