Electronic Components for the Aerospace Industry

Curtis Industries delivers quality electrical components for the Aerospace industry are designed to withstand the temperature, shock, vibration and altitude extremes associated with high elevation operations. From RFI filters for communication systems to barrier terminal blocks for aircraft engines, our electrical components help the Aerospace industry take flight in new directions and land continued advancements.

EMI/RFI filters designed in accordance with MIL-PRF-15733 and MIL-PRF-28861 are used to enable equipment used in airborne vehicles and support equipment to comply with applicable EMC requirements.

Aerospace Electronic Components:

  • Filters & filtered connectors
  • Integrated flight systems
  • Communications systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Motors

Electronic Components to Take Off & Discover

Curtis Industries, connecting quality with innovation to ascend the Aerospace industry to greater heights.

aerospace electronics

Electronic Components for Aircraft Systems Control

Curtis Industries manufactures aircraft electronics wiring for a wide range of aerospace applications. Our diverse selection of terminal blocks, line filters and relay sockets are designed for general aviation, commercial airliners, and military aircraft.

Wire FAA compliant electrical systems using reliable and lightweight parts from Curtis Industries. These electrical components supply power and control to avionics, engines, cabin and navigation lights, flap motors and many more aircraft parts. Our EMI/RFI filters prevent radio spectrum interference from compromising sensitive equipment on your aircraft. Emitted and received electromagnetic radiation is significantly reduced through the use of FAA and FCC compliant RFI/EMI filtering equipment. Curtis Industries supplies these critical components customized to meet and exceed the strict regulations governing military, commercial, and general aviation operations.