Tempest EMI Power Line Filters

Defense TEMPEST EMI Power Line Filters

When high security networking is an absolute must, only top-notch, defense-grade, TEMPEST EMI Power Line filters will do the trick. We here at Curtis industries manufacture military components and tempest powerline filters for defense, because we understand the importance of data security. We provide a variety of different defense filters including:

  • Data control line filters
  • High-pass, lowpass, and bandpass filters
  • “Light” tempest line filters
  • High-performance Tempest filters

In addition, we also inventory a large selection of other available electrical components as well. We specialize in RFI filters, custom molded components, PC board blocks, and more!

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How a TEMPEST Power Line Filter Works

TEMPEST is an acronym for Transient Electro Magnetic Pulse Emanation Standard. A TEMPEST filter eliminates conducted EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) information. Most electronic equipment inadvertently emits EMI emanations, which could be constructed into useable data if picked up by a skilled electronics expert. Some commonly compromised sources of information include telephone signals, personal computer data, server information, and countless other sources. Simply put, data is constantly being leaked through power lines and almost any other outlet that transmits electronic information. A tempest filter protects your sensitive data (commonly referred to by tech junkies as “red” data) by filtering information across a much wider range of available frequencies than other standard filters.

Military Grade TEMPEST Filters and Other Electronic Components

Our military and other branches of defense use EMI to protect some of our nation’s most sensitive data. Everything from personal medical information, to top-secret military operations, and even private diplomatic correspondence are all protected by using some form of an advanced TEMPEST filter. However, we also provide our highly sophisticated tempest filters to the public sector as well. Our filters are perfect for guarding your precious client information, personal banking data, and other sensitive materials.

For more information on our TEMPEST EMI filters, Curtis Industries, or any of our other available products and services, feel free to contact us today!

whats new at curtis industries

Power Line Filters for TEMPEST Applications

  • High-Power Performance in a Compact Package
  • Designed to Meet Demanding TEMPEST Requirements for RFI Suppression 20 KHz to 1 GHz (and beyond)
  • Operating Temperature -55° C to +85° C
  • Custom Steel Enclosures with Bulkhead Mounting to Suit Your Needs
  • Available in 1, 3, 5, 10 AMPs and beyond
  • Current Ratings for 240 VAC (60 Hz) Line-to-Line Voltages
  • Higher Line-to-Line Voltage Available Upon Request

TEMPEST Line Filters “Light”

  • Same form, fit and function as the standard Tempest Filter Line without the large line to ground capacitance
  • Lower than 3.5 mA of AC leakage current as required by UL 1283 for filters used in class 1 grounded equipment @120 VAC
  • Lower resistance for reduction of equipment (internal heating)
  • Operating temperature -55° C to +85° C
whats new at curtis industries
whats new at curtis industries

Highpass, Lowpass & Bandpass Filters

  • In surface mount configuration
  • Audio, communication and telemetry applications

Cylindrical Filters

  • Dependable ceramic dielectric feed through capacitors
  • Outstanding interference suppression with several cut-off frequencies
  • Cylindrical filters for Signal Line/Power Line/EMI/RFI Filtering
  • Compact and durable package
  • Available with a variety of I/O terminals and connectors
  • Cylindricals are available in a variety of AC/DC voltages
  • Operating temperatures -55° C to +125° C
whats new at curtis industries
whats new at curtis industries

Data Control Line Filter

  • Available in a variety of line-to-line and line-to-ground impedances (i.e. 50 ohms)
  • Approved for secure filter applications
    Hermetically sealed, custom steel housing and glass-metal compression terminals
  • Operating temperatures -55° C to +85° C
  • Dual style DC circuits from DC to 1 GHz (and beyond)
  • Standard and custom designs available

RF Power Entry Filters

  • Design for RF protection of electrical traffic signal controllers. NF-670 has been tested and certified as an approved component for protection of traffic light control systems, in major metropolitan areas
  • Environmentally protected custom steel enclosures. Available w/optional surge protection
  • Operating temperature -55° C to +85° C
  • 125 volts, 60 Hz, A.C. 35, AMP. steady state
whats new at curtis industries
whats new at curtis industries

Fiber Optic Couplers

  • Available in single and dual circuit configurations
  • Low profile packaging with connectors
  • Standard and custom designs available