Three Phase Filters

Harness the Power with Three Phase Filters

A power line three phase filter acts as a shield in two ways:

  • Protects your equipment from outside interference originating in other devices
  • Prevents the RFI your device gives off from reaching other electronic equipment

Your network will not keep RFI from getting out completely, but thanks to a three phase power line filter, it will be reduced to acceptable levels. The levels of concern for interference are 10 kHz-30 MHz when conducted through a circuit. For interference radiated from a device, the levels of concern are 30 MHz to 1 GHz.

When RFI extends into these levels (10 kHz conducted or 30 MHz radiated), equipment such as televisions or radios become seriously impaired. For this reason federal regulations were put in place. Now when devices give off RFI at these levels, they must be shielded using RFI Filters, reducing their RFI to acceptable levels.



  • EMC solutions up to 600A at 600VAC and power applications up to 360kVA
  • 2-stage filter line supports both Delta and Wye connected loads
  • Effective noise suppression in the critical 150kHz-30MHz range

Applications include:

  • Motors
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Facility Filters
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Power Conditioning Units
  • Laser Welders
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Robotics
  • CNC Machinery
  • Elevators
  • Industrial Ovens

You May Be Using Three Phase Power Right Now

Different electrical networks require different forms of power. Smaller items like computers require single phase power. High power loads such as heaters or even buildings utilize three phase power. Networking three phase power requires three phase filters. Three phase power is the most common way to distribute power through electrical grids. The larger the electrical network, the more likely three phase power is the way it’s transferred.

For this reason, Curtis Industries, the leader in manufactured electrical components, offers their F3480/F3600 Three Phase Filters. You can expect our three-phase filters to match your needs. They’re built by designers with over 70 years of experience manufacturing radio frequency interference filters to meet UL and CSA standards.

Three Phase Filters Provided by Industry Leaders in Electrical Component Distribution

Noise suppression on our three phase filters is effective in the 150 kHz-30 MHz range, preventing your network’s RFI from causing problems for other devices. It also meets government regulations. Our three phase filters contain a 2-stage filter line. Now your power network is covered whether it has a 3-wire Delta structure or a 4-wire Wye structure.

If you want the best in power line filter designs, grab the Three Phase Filter from Curtis Industries, the leading name in electrical components.