Custom Molded Electrical Components

What are Custom Molded Electrical Components?

Curtis Industries’ custom molded electrical components are made with thermoplastics and high temperature resins in order to match whatever personal specifications you may have in mind. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures, are heavy duty, and all of our custom molded designs are made right here in our American-owned manufacturing facilities. We design custom molded electronic components for a variety of different businesses, industries, and organizations and are continuing to expand our production daily. Our team of highly knowledgeable electronics experts will work with you directly in order to provide you with the best electrical components and solutions possible.


How are Custom Molded Components Made?

Efficiently making custom molded electronic components that are built to last is no easy task. We have to be able to quickly produce our components without sacrificing quality in order to keep up with our client’s demand. Each custom molded application is constructed using a high temperature resin, and is then reinforced with fiberglass or another support material. Once completed, we thoroughly test our products in order to make sure that everything is running flawlessly.


Affordable Custom Electronics Components

No matter the size and scope of the job you have in mind, we here at Curtis Industries are dedicated to helping you with any electronic related questions you may have. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to providing a superior customer service experience. We will go above and beyond what is expected of us, and the custom molded components that we produce are only the finest of quality. In addition to custom molded electronics, we also carry a wide range of PC board blocks, RFI filters, military applications, and more! We are a global company with locations in North America and Asia. Our components are available worldwide, and our reputation for excellence speaks for itself.

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Applicable Industries Include:

We achieve high quality by optimizing our engineering design methods and the implementation of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) techniques—the same techniques used by the major automotive companies in the United States and Japan.

7 Major Elements of the APQP Process:

  • Understanding the needs of the customer
  • Proactive feedback and corrective action
  • Designing within the process capabilities
  • Analyzing and mitigating failure modes
  • Verification and validation
  • Design reviews
  • Control special/critical characteristics

High-Temperature Resins

In making our custom moldings, Curtis Industries employs the services of engineering-grade thermoplastics and high-temperature resins. We use phenolic resins (FR-1 and FR-2) and bulk molding compounds (BMCs)—both of which are thermoset resins—to make our components able to withstand very high temperatures and keep your machinery operating in tough conditions. These materials, reinforced with wood and glass fibers, are extra strong and resistant to tough environments and applications.

Insert molding is one of our specialties, allowing us to make parts insulated against electrical charges that would otherwise interfere with the efficacy of the products. We also have the capability to make horizontal and vertical injections, and are able to engage in vertical transfer and compression processes as well.

Cost-Reducing Processes

Curtis doesn’t have to outsource our processes to overseas companies, and we make sure our minerals are conflict-free minerals. We make out stamping dies and metal components in-house. This lean production method reduces the downtime and overhead costs passed on to our business partners and their patron consumers, keeping costs low throughout the supply chain. Keeping our manufacturing processes in-house also allows us the luxury of making sure our moldings meet parameters we can document and maintain within an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

Short Turn-Around Times

Curtis Industries uses Lean Manufacturing processes to get your products to you faster than our competitors. These lean management processes are made even faster through the use of one-piece flow principles. We use analysis tools, including Kaizen events, to fix any issues we find in our systems.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

At Curtis Industries, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Cutting overhead costs and turnaround times while maintaining product quality keeps costs low for the entire supply chain, and that makes things better for everyone. Choose Curtis Industries for your electrical engineering and manufacturing needs.