Terminal Block Connectors

Terminal blocks (sometimes called screw terminals) are electrical connectors used to attach wires in the same circuit without having to cut or splice the electrical wires. These terminal block connectors are typically used in industrial equipment, power supply components, instrumentation components, or any other electrical application requiring higher-current input and output connections.

Leading Electrical Terminal Block Manufacturer

We manufacture standard and custom terminal blocks for a wide variety of applications and for nearly any industry. Our connectors are designed to support a wide range of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations and are available in many styles and sizes. All of our wire terminal blocks meet industry standards and are ISO, CSA certified and meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for regulation. We use only the highest quality copper alloy in the terminal bodies.

From barrier terminal blocks to high-voltage terminal blocks to printed circuit board terminal blocks our team of engineers can manufacture any style to your exact specifications. Some of our custom manufacturing capabilities include:

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Standard and Custom Terminal Blocks

There are a wide variety of wiring terminal block types and sizes to fit every unique industry’s electrical connectivity requirements. We manufacture barrier-style terminal blocks, DIN rail blocks and PCB blocks. Our barrier-style blocks are available in single row, dual row and high voltage configuration. They are also built with thermoplastics to resist breaking in extremely high temperatures. DIN rail blocks can be manufactured with either screw or screwless connections to make installation easier. We also manufacture fuse and ground DIN rail blocks.  The PC board blocks are available with single or multi-level rows, and are available with multiple profile options.

Most terminal blocks are available with three different wire entry angles; 45, 90, or 180 degrees. Depending on your application, our engineers can design a working terminal block prototype for your approval. We can produce a single unit for a specific project, or multiple stackable units which can be mounted right next to each other to save space.

All components manufactured at Curtis Industries are built with sturdy plastics and tested for quality to ensure they will be long lasting. Our custom terminal blocks are manufactured specifically with your needs in mind, so you get exactly what you are looking for.

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Custom Molded Electrical Components

Do you have a unique problem? Curtis Industries guarantees your satisfaction with our custom electrical components and electromechanical assemblies. Read more on custom molded electrical components and terminal blocks.

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We supply high quality custom electrical components for a wide variety of industries like medical, instrumentation, industrial, aerospace and military. Each electrical component manufactured by Curtis Industries is meticulously computer control tested for defect at every step of the production process to guarantee your parts function properly. We also manufacture top of the line RFI filters, and specialized electrical components for military use.