Electrical Components for Medical Devices

electrical components for medical devices

Curtis Industries manufactures superior quality electrical components for utilization in medical devices. All technology in medical environments must meet strict standards for radio frequency interference, electrical noise emission and susceptibility standards. All electrical components manufactured by Curtis Industries are tested and guaranteed to meet all FCC and European standards for electronic components used in medical equipment. From RFI filters to barrier terminal blocks, Curtis Industries is the leading source for electrical components manufactured for medical technology utilization.

Equipment used in Medical environments; hospitals, dental offices, emergency care centers, etc., are required to meet FCC and European EMI/RFI noise emission and susceptibility standards. Medical filters have low leakage current requirements. Terminal blocks and connection devices are used in capital equipment for electrical connections.

RFI Line Filters for Medical Technologyelectrical components for medical devices

RFI and EMI filters decrease electronic noise interference emissions, increasing device efficiency and performance. In medical environments, it is essential for all technology to be reliable and working at optimal productivity. Curtis Industries manufactured EMI and RFI line filters undergo thorough testing to ensure consistent quality and performance.  Each and every RFI line filter from Curtis Industries is guaranteed to meet FCC and medical technology standards for EMI noise emissions and susceptibility.

Terminal Blocks Creating Sturdy Electrical Connections in Medical Technology

Quality terminal block solutions are crucial for creating reliable electrical connections in medical devices. From medical beds and elevators to important monitors and regulators, all capital equipment in a medical environment requires a sturdy electrical connection. Curtis Industries is the premier manufacturer providing superior terminal block solutions for use in medical technology. From PC board blocks and barrier terminal blocks to custom engineered terminal blocks, Curtis Industries delivers the highest-quality electrical connection solutions. All terminal blocks manufactured by Curtis Industries are rigorously tested and meet CSA certification and UL regulation standards.

Curtis Industries is the premier source for expertly manufactured electrical components. From custom terminal block solutions to RFI line filters, Curtis Industries manufactured electrical components are guaranteed to improve performance and consistency in your medical devices.

Curtis Industries manufactures superior electrical components for:

  • Hospital bedding (motors) – Filters & blocks
  • Dental equipment
  • Hospital Lighting – Filters & moldings
  • Elevators – Filters & blocks
  • Capital Equipment – Filters & blocks
  • MRI/X-ray/CT scanners
  • Electrical equipment – Filters
  • LED lighting – Filters