High Performance/Switching Single Phase Filters


  • Compact case sizes in 6 and 10 amp models
  • IEC connector in 3 and 6 amp models
  • Low leakage current
  • High peak current design – high insertion loss for switching power supply emissions


  • L-circuit configuration
  • IEC connector plus common and differential mode performance
  • High inductance design
  • Three times more attenuation than F1200 Series
  • Available with 0.250” quick connect terminals or wire lead


  • 3, 6, 10 and 20 amp RFI Filters for switching applications
  • For use when switching power supplies, SCRs and TTL circuits
  • Protection from pulsed, intermittent or continuous RFI
  • Effective CM and DM suppression down to 150 KHz
  • Stud and quick connect versions available


  • Designed for FCC “B” and VDE “A” switching power supply applications
  • Available in ratings up to 15 amps
  • Low leakage design
  • Reduces common mode and differential mode noise from 100 KHz to 30 MHz


  • T-section, dual coil design
  • High insertion loss for switching power supply emissions
  • Low leakage design
  • Integral IEC connector and compact case
  • Current ratings up to 10 amps
  • In fused IEC connector and PC mounted versions


  • For applications with higher differential mode noise
  • Higher line-to-line capacitance
  • Protection from pulsed, intermittent or continuous RFI
  • Integral IEC connector
  • A cost-effective replacement for independent coil designs in SMPS applications


  • Designed for FCC “B” and VDE “B” switching power supply applications
  • High inductance design provides improved performance below 100 KHz
  • Compact package
  • Available in 3 and 6 amp ratings
  • Integral fused IEC connector and on/off power switch

Dependable Single Phase RFI Filters

Curtis Industries manufactures RFI filters for medical, military, aerospace and telecom applications. We manufacture EMI filters like power entry filters, DC filters, three phase RFI filters, medical EMI filters and single phase filters to suit the exact needs of your business.

Our dependable single phase filters are ideal for reducing EMI in 250VAC applications. Curtis Industries manufactures general purpose, wide band and high performance switching single phase RFI filters. The single phase power line filters are meant for military, telecom, switching power supplies and commercial applications.

High Performance Single Phase Filters

Single phase high performance filters are ideal for applications with higher differential noise. These power line filters are made for protection from continuous, pulsed and intermittent EMI. High performance single phase filters are manufactured for switched-mode power supply applications like vehicles, aerospace and consumer electronics.

Our high performance switching single phase filters are available in a wide variety of sizes. We manufacture F1400 series high performance single phase RFI filters for low leakage current and high insertion loss for switching power supply emissions to F2700 series single phase switching EMI filters for high performance below 100KHz. Browse our complete selection of single phase high performance power line filters below to find the right RFI filter for your business.

Professional Electrical Component Manufacturers

Curtis Industries is the leading electrical component manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in the business. We manufacture electrical components like power line filters, DIN rail blocks, terminal blocks and relay sockets for a variety of industries. Our carefully built custom electrical components are all computer tested to guarantee quality and safety of each product. Curtis Industries utilizes the highest quality materials to give you the most innovative engineering solutions.