Medical Filtered IEC Sockets

RFI Filters for Any Industry

Curtis Industries is the leading manufacturer of dependable custom designed electrical components and RFI filters for industries like medical, commercial, industrial and instrumentation. Our reliable power line filters are vital for preventing radio frequency interference from interrupting important electrical equipment during operation.

We have a skilled team of electrical component manufacturers who take pride in providing the highest quality components for your business. Our engineers use the most durable materials along with dependable equipment and perfected manufacturing techniques to create the finest components. Every electrical component manufactured by Curtis Industries is carefully tested for quality from start to finish.


F3000/F3100/F3200 /F3400/F3500

  • Meets UL/EN 60601-1 specifications for medical and dental equipment
  • Effective in low-leakage current applications
  • F3400/3500 Series have enhanced differential mode performance

Catalog Page                 F3400 Series Datasheet


  • L-circuit configuration
  • Reduces both incoming and outgoing power line noise levels in FCC “A” applications
  • Integral 5 x 20 mm single or dual fused IEC connector
  • Optional SPST switched IEC connector available
  • Meets UL/EN 60601-1 low-leakage requirements for medical applications
  • PC mounted

General Purpose Medical Filters

Providing patients with the most reliable test results begins with optimal functioning machinery.  Hospital equipment is especially prone to radio frequency interference, making dependable RFI filters a necessity.   EMI power line filters manufactured by Curtis Industries keep medical equipment performing at its best by keeping interference to a minimum.

Our medical power line filters are designed for dental equipment, MRI machines, X-rays, hospital beds, CT scanners and a variety of electrical equipment found in healthcare facilities. Medical EMI filters are available as general purpose or combination filters.

General purpose RFI filters are specifically designed to meet the specifications for all medical and dental equipment.  These EMI filters feature extremely low leakage current to meet safety regulations for any healthcare facility.  Our general purpose medical RFI filters are ideal for any low leakage current applications and can be used for common or differential mode applications.

Medical General Purpose RFI Filter Options

Curtis Industries manufactures a variety of general purpose medical EMI filters to fit the requirements of the facility and equipment.   We carry F3099, F3000/F3100/F3200/F3400/F3500, and F3300 series general purpose filters.  Our F3099 medical filters are designed for medical equipment being used for day to day patient care or ongoing inpatient care.  The F300/F3100/F3200/F3400/F3500 general purpose filters are effective in any low leakage current application and can be manufactured to meet the UL/IEC 60601 Standard.  F3400 and F3500 power line filters are also manufactured with enhanced differential mode performance.  Our F3300 general purpose L-type EMI filters reduce radiofrequency interference for both incoming and outgoing power line noise.  These filters can also be manufactured with a SST switched IEC connector.

Dependable Electrical Component Manufacturing

Curtis Industries has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing top of the line electrical components for a wide variety of industries.   Our RFI filters, DIN rail blocks, terminal blocks, liquid level controls, PC board blocks and relay sockets are guaranteed to be well built and reliable.  Our RFI filters and other electrical components are quality control tested and manufactured with sturdy materials to keep your machines functioning efficiently.