What’s New at Curtis Industries?

Find out what’s new at Curtis Industries.  An innovative manufacturer of custom electrical components such as Barrier Terminal Blocks, PCB terminal blocks, EMI/RFI Filters, Tri-Mag Power Supplies, Custom Molding, and Military and ITAR Filters for a wide variety of industries, built to your specifications.

Curtis Newsletter 2020 – Q3

In this Issue: We're highlighting the completion of our development of the new DM 159 Series Medical Power Supply. Curtis Q3 - 2020 Newsletter

Curtis Newsletter 2020 – Q2

In this Issue: We're highlighting our L6R300DM Series Medical Power Supply. Curtis Q2 - 2020 Newsletter

Curtis Newsletter 2020 – Q1

In this Issue: Learn about our Lifetime Warranty on power supplies. Curtis Q1 - 2020 Newsletter

Curtis Newsletter 2019 – Q3

In this Issue:  Learn how the team at Curtis de Mexico found a recycling method that will cut significant cost from the manufacturing process for filters and printed circuit boards. Curtis Q3-2019 Newsletter

Curtis Newsletter 2019 – Q2

In This Issue:  A Case Study illustrates how an off-the-shelf power supply can be customized per a client’s needs, and a new Western Regional Sales Manager has joined the team. Download the Newsletter

Curtis Newsletter 2019 – Q1

In This Issue: Curtis strives for continuous improvement. There isn’t a week goes by that the people at our Nogales plant aren’t making improvements. The Curtis de Mexico IT team has found a way to reduce the time required to record test results for EMI filters by over 50 percent. Download Newsletter

Tri-Mag, LLC Introduces New External Power Supply Product Series

Tri-Mag, LLC , a division of Curtis Industries, is introducing a new series of external power supply. The L6Rxxx_ series provides outstanding performance in a small package for medical applications. This external power supply is ideal for home healthcare, dental and medical type B and/or type BF hospital applications including therapeutic equipment, infusion pumps, medical

World Leading Electrical Components Manufacturer

Curtis Industries is a leading electrical components manufacturer recognized for their high quality electrical  components. Based in Milwaukee, WI, our engineers can design and develop custom, innovative solutions for nearly any industry. Using your exact specifications, we efficiently design an electrical component at cost-effective prices. From Europe to Asia to the United States, Curtis Industries has

Custom Molded Electronic Control Parts

Curtis Industries is capable of manufacturing high quality electronic components by producing custom moldings, designed to your specifications and delivered on time. Choose Curtis for your custom molding needs. Short Turn-Around Times Curtis uses Lean Manufacturing principles and one-piece flow principles to make our production process fast and accurate. Quality Customer Service We cut overhead

Radio Frequency Interference Definition & Jargon

Helping to Understand Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters For anyone who isn’t well-versed in the area of radio frequency interference, we’ve put together a short list of definitions to help you out. If you come across a word whose meaning you don’t readily know while reading our product specifications, return to this page for some