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Electrical Components Distributor Providing Quality Telecom Solutions

Curtis Industries is the leading electrical components distributor providing top quality terminal block and RFI power line filter solutions for telecommunications equipment. Our superior electrical component solutions guarantee telecommunications equipment meet even the most stringent NEBS and other industry regulations for safety and electronic noise emissions.  All electronic components manufactured at Curtis Industries undergo meticulous testing to ensure the highest performance and safety.  From RFI power line filters to custom terminal block solutions, Curtis Industries is the unsurpassed electrical component manufacturer providing superior electronic components for telecommunications equipment.

Electronic Components for Telecommunications Equipment

Telecommunications equipment; routers, switches, storage networking, power distribution units, etc. are required to meet NEBS and other regulatory standards for safety, durability and EMI/RFI noise emission and susceptibility. EMI/RFI filters used within the power distribution units (PDU’s) or main chassis of these systems help achieve compliance to these standards.

RFI Filters for Telecom Solutions

High performance RFI filters manufactured by Curtis Industries are tested to ensure consistent quality.  Curtis Industries is dedicated to providing unrivaled RFI power line filter solutions for the most demanding telecommunications equipment.  Computer-controlled testing and our industry leading expertise guarantees our RFI line filters meet even the strictest FCC regulations for safety and radio frequency interference levels.  Utilizing RFI filters from Curtis Industries with telecommunications equipment, such as router cabinets, power distribution equipment and the main chassis, ensures this equipment meets all regulations for radiant and conducted radio interference.

Custom Terminal Blocks for Telecommunications Equipment

Curtis Industries manufactures innovative terminal block solutions for telecommunication equipment.  From expertly engineered barrier terminal blocks and PCB terminal blocks to custom designed terminal blocks, Curtis Industries is the electronic component manufacturer providing the highest quality solutions in the telecommunications industry.  Each terminal block manufactured by Curtis Industries is tested and guaranteed to be CSA certified and meet UL recognition standards.

Curtis Industries is the electronic component manufacturer providing industry leading RFI filter and custom terminal block solutions for telecommunications equipment.  Utilizing electrical components from Curtis Industries ensures top performance, efficiency, safety and reliability from your telecom equipment.  All electronic components manufactured by Curtis Industries are vigorously tested to ensure all safety and performance regulations are met.

Curtis Industries and the Telecommunication Field

Curtis industries is proud to serve the telecommunications industry with our high-quality custom electronic components and accessories.  Due to the sheer size of the industry and overall amount of electronics required the need for quality components has skyrocketed as technology continues to evolve.  Some of the current electronic components we supply to the telecommunications industry include:

In addition, we also offer custom molding services for the telecommunications industry in order to personally make components to their individual specifications.

High Quality Electronic Components and Accessories

Curtis Industries is the best one-stop-shop for all of your electrical components and other hardware needs.  We have been in the component business for over 70 years, and our reputation for superior customer satisfaction speaks for itself.  Each and every component that we produce is designed with quality in mind, and is backed by our personal commitment to excellence.  With distributors in both North America and Asia, we are a global company that strives to produce only the best quality electronic for a wide variety of commercial and industrial purposes.

RFI Filters for Telecommunications

An RFI filter is an electronic component that effectively filters out electronic interference while allowing the necessary information to pass through uninterrupted.  They are extremely useful for a wide range of telecommunications purposes where electronic “gunk” can hinder the performance of an electronic device.  Some examples include cellular phones, radio waves, and personal computers.  EMI filters can help improve a devices performance, increase the overall battery life, and decrease the congestion of data that is being transmitted.