Medical Grade RFI/EMI Filters

Curtis Industries is proud to produce a wide variety of high-tech, custom made, medical RFI line filter for hospitals, private practices, specialty clinics, and more! Medical personnel have come to rely upon the quality of product that only Curtis Industries has to offer, and we provide all of our clients with the best quality electrical supplies on the market.

Why our Medical-grade RFI Filters are the Best

Our medical grade RFI filters and other electronic components provide medical professionals with a highly shielded, protected environment that is free of any unwanted EMI emissions, interference, or other electronic noise that can hinder any electronic instrument’s performance.

Curtis Industries Makes High-Quality RFI Filters for the Medical Field

When it comes to the medical field, highly trained medical professionals hold the difference between life and death in their hands every day. This is why doctors, nurses, and medical support staff rely on only the highest quality medical technology made with only the best electrical components on the market.

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Utilizing the latest techniques in custom component manufacturing, our engineers and technicians are able to custom create Medical-grade RFI Filters that:

  • Allow intricate signals to be sent to MRI rooms without interference
  • Are compatible with most common, up to code systems
  • Work with both single and three phase power setups
  • Protects delicate equipment from RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
  • Can be utilized on everything from the lobby elevators and smoke detectors to advanced medical equipment
  • Allow medical electronics to meet emission standards.
  • Are custom made for your specific needs and requirements

Two of our popular medical filters include:

power entry modules with line filter, rfi line filter
power entry modules with line filter, rfi line filter

Custom Made Medical RFI Filters Meet RFI/EMI Conducted Emissions Testing

Curtis Industries utilizes its state-of-the-art, isolated emissions testing laboratory in order to help the medical industry make sure that their equipment meets FCC and CE standards. Our emissions testing helps us to assist electronic specialists and medical equipment experts in choosing the best possible RFI/EMI filters to help them meet the current standards.

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Curtis Industries Other Electronic Components for the Medical Field

In addition to our large selection of single phase and three phase RFI filters, Curtis Industries also makes a large selection of other electronic components as well. Some of our popular products include:

iec filter, rfi line filter
rfi line filter
rfi line filter

EMI/RFI Line Filter Manufacturer for Medical Equipment

We provide medical RFI/EMI filters that give patients the most accurate test results, and provide healthcare workers with the most efficient machinery that also helps to keep hospitals up to the FCC’s very strict code. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified electrical component manufacturer from the American Management Technology Inc. and you can be guarantee that all of our electronic components meet quality standards.

We strongly suggest browsing through our current RFI Filters Catalog to check out some of our available types of RFI power line filters and their specifications. Our staff of exceptionally helpful electrical component experts will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you might have.

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