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Terminal Blocks

Barrier style terminal block

Barrier Style Terminal Blocks

Liquid Level Controls

Liquid Level Controls

Innovative Engineering Solutions

Curtis Industries makes a wide variety of electrical components to meet each application need including terminal blocks, EMI/RFI line filters, relay sockets, DIN rail blocks, PCB terminal blocks, and liquid level controls.

We manufacture the entire part from start to finish at our facilities. All of our electrical components are thoroughly tested, guaranteeing your finished product will be free of defects. Our electrical components are designed to meet all UL and CSA standards, ensuring quality. 

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Custom Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are electrical connectors used to attach wires within the same circuit. They eliminate the need to cut or splice the electrical wires. Terminal blocks are used in industrial equipment, power supply components or any other electrical application which requires high-current input and output connections. We manufacture a wide variety of terminal block types and sizes to your custom specifications.

Custom Terminal Blocks 
Custom RFI Filters 

RFI Filters

RFI stands for radio frequency interference, which is unwanted noise generated by almost all electrical devices. Constant signal disruption can have negative consequences on machine operations, which is why all electronic devices generating RF energy over 10kHz must meet international safety requirements. All custom RFI filters manufactured by Curtis Industries meet government safety and emission requirements.

Three-Phase Filters

If you are looking for an effective, real-world solution to protect your equipment from outside Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from other devices and to prevent the RFI generated by your devices from causing problems with other electronic equipment, look no further than Curtis Industries’ Three-Phase filters.

Designed to provide noise suppression in the 150kHz-30MHz range, our F3480/F3600 three phase filters are more than enough to keep televisions, robotics, CNC machinery and other sensitive electronic components from being impaired. These filters are designed to meet the needs of all electrical networks and are compliant with UL and CSA standards, FCC and CE requirements. Motor control centers, laser welders, robotics and elevators are just a few areas where our three-phase filters have been successfully implemented for noise suppression.

A leading force in electrical component manufacturing for over 70 years, Curtis Industries takes pride in providing complete power conditioning and EMC solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Our rigorous quality control standards and testing assures you of the highest quality RFI filters available on the market.

Custom 3 Phase Filters
Custom Relay Sockets 

Custom Relay Sockets

A relay socket is an electrically operated switch. They are used to control circuits with low power signals or in cases where multiple circuits need to be controlled by one signal. All relay sockets produced at Curtis Industries are designed for incredible reliability, and provide maximum relay retention and electrical conductivity.

DIN Rail Blocks

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut Für Normung, which was a German national standards organization for electrical components. New products now have to meet the modernized European (EN) and international (ISO) standards, but the name remains the same. DIN rail blocks from Curtis Industries are designed for industry standard DIN rails and feature a vibration resistant clamp design.

We offer a wide variety of DIN rail blocks including:

Custom DIN Rail Blocks 
 Custom PC Board Block

PC Board Terminal Blocks

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) terminal blocks are electrical connectors which are mounted directly onto the circuit board. They are used for signal, data and power connections. We manufacture PCB terminal blocks in a wide variety of styles and sizes for nearly every industry. We manufacture our PC board blocks to the highest industry standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Liquid Level Controls

Our liquid level controls sense and control the level of almost any fluid or saturated solid. They are available with fixed or adjustable set points to control fluid levels consisting of an external circuit resistance up to 3,000,000 ohms.

Liquid Level Controls 


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