Modular DIN Terminal Blocks for Rail Mounted Applications

Custom DIN Rail Blocks - Made to Your Specs

Curtis Industries has years of experience producing the highest quality DIN terminal/rail blocks for custom and standard applications for industries across the globe. Terminal blocks are designed for use in industries which require high-current input and output connections. Our terminal and rail blocks are long lasting and reliable. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, our engineers perform frequent quality control tests – ensuring even the slightest defects are immediately corrected. All our electrical products are UL and CSA certified.

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Curtis has industry leading capabilities, our products consistently go above and beyond customer expectations. Our DIN terminal blocks easily mount on standard DIN rails and feature a vibration resistant clamp design. Our components remain functional even after repeated tightening and loosening, while the large contact surface results in a higher wire retention force. Invest in quality--rely on Curtis Industries for all your electrical components.

Screw Connections

DIN rail blocks with screw connections DIN rail blocks with screw connections keep wires in place by the tightening and loosening of a screw. Curtis Industries can manufacture custom or standard screw connection rail blocks. These types of blocks are used extensively in wiring buildings – such as connecting electrical outlets and switches to the mains. They’re available in single level, dual level, and triple level options. All our DIN rail terminal blocks with screw connections feature polyamide 66.6 VO plastic body, a silver-plated copper internal bus and nickel-plated brass clamps. The screws are yellow-chromated steel.

Screwless Connections

Screwless connection rail blocks offer a convenient alternative to the popular screw clamp connectors. Curtis Industries screwless terminal blocks feature a spring, which can be easily opened using a tool, such as a screwdriver, so a wire can be fed in through the opening. When the spring is released, it forms a secure connection with the wire. These types of blocks are used across a wide variety of industries due to the fast installation and increased safety features. We manufacture screwless terminal blocks in single level, single level with multiple wire connections, triple level, and ground block options. Our screwless connection terminal blocks are manufactured with a polyamide 66.6 VO plastic body featuring stainless steel springs and a tin-plated copper internal bus. Screwless connection Din Rail Blocks

Screwless Connection Ground Blocks

Screwless Connection Ground Blocks Ground terminal blocks are used to connect wires to the DIN rail by using a conducting clamping foot. This way, the DIN rail can act as a ground bus bar. Much like the screwless connectors, screwless ground blocks are maintenance free and provide secure connections. They also feature the 66.6 polyamide VO plastic body with tin plated copper internal bus. The brass clamping foot is tin-plated and the spring is stainless steel.

Fuse Blocks

A fuse block is a critical component in keeping you electronic equipment from surges and overheating. Fuse blocks from Curtis Industries provide a convenient way of protecting sensors and relays. We manufacture various series of fuse boxes, making adding fuses to your DIN rail wire panel easier. We offer the following series of DIN rail fuse blocks:

Manufactured to the highest standards, our fuse blocks feature a Polyamide 6.6 VO plastic body and hardened steel zinc yellow chromated electro-pleated clamps. In addition, they are steel zinc plated and have 4 marking slots on both sides.

DIN Rail Fuse Blocks

Mounting Rails and Accessories

Mounting Rail Block 

In addition to high quality electrical components, we also offer quality mounting rails and accessories. From slotted screw drivers with tip sizes ranging from 2.5mm through 5mm and custom sizes, to marking strips, Curtis Industries is the premier source for electrical components and accessories.

For over 75 years, we have been manufacturing industry leading custom and standard terminal blocks and EMI/RFI Filter devices. Curtis Industries is ISO Certified 9001:2015, UL Registered and ITAR compliant. We have partnered with leading global 1000 organizations, who rely on us to create high-quality, budget-friendly answers to complex problems. Our goal is to increase the performance, reliability and profitability of your business by providing you with solutions to your unique industry needs.

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Benefits of DIN Terminal Blocks from Curtis Industries

  • Mounts on industry standard DIN rail
  • Vibration resistant clamp design
  • Large contact surface results in higher wire retention force
  • Functional reliability after repeated tightening and loosening
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