Leader in Manufactured Electrical Components

Curtis Industries provides innovative engineering solutions for a wide variety of industries. We will quickly design a custom electrical component for you without sacrificing quality, built to your exact specifications.

We manufacture the whole part from start to finish at our facility. From plastic injection and transfer to molding and fabrication, we are able to provide an exceptional product on time, at affordable prices.

All of our components are rigorously tested, ensuring your finished product does not have any defects. Our custom electrical components are designed to meet UL and CSA standards, guaranteeing quality.

As industry defining pioneers, our primary goal is to provide you with innovative engineering solutions. We encourage you to utilize our website as your primary internet resource for information on all electrical component products and services including:

Terminal Blocks, RFI Filters, PC B Blocks, DIN Rail Blocks & Relay Sockets

Curtis Industries takes great pride in 75 years of defining, refining and producing the highest quality EMC filters, EMI filters, terminal blocks and all related products at the very best value available industry wide.

Custom Terminal Blocks

Curtis Industries is the leading terminal block manufacturer. Terminal blocks are electrical connectors used to attach wires in the same circuit, without having to cut or splice the electrical wires. We manufacture a variety of styles including:

  • Barrier style terminal blocks
    • Built with thermoplastics to withstand hot temperature extremes
  • DIN rail blocks
    • Available with screw-free or screw connections for easy installation
  • PC board terminal blocks
    • Available with single or multi-level rows

See all terminal block options from Curtis Industries for more information.

RFI Power Line Filters

Curtis Industries has been manufacturing high quality radio frequency interference filters for over 70 years. Our team of engineers design quality into every RFI filter we produce. All of our RFI filters also comply with government emission and safety requirements.

RFI power line filters from Curtis Industries include:

  • Single phase filters
    • General purpose
    • High performance/switching
    • Wide band
  • Power Entry Modules
    • Combination
    • General purpose
    • Power entry standard cutout
  • Medical Filters
    • Combination
    • General purpose
  • DC Filters
    • Three phase filters

Liquid Level Controls

Curtis Industries liquid level controls sense and control the levels of almost any liquid. Our units are available with fixed or adjustable set points to control levels in fluids with an external circuit resistance of up to 3,000,000 ohms. We offer three main types of liquid level controls, including:

  • Forward mode operation
    • Models ELS, LCS/LHS, LCF and RSA
  • Reverse mode operation
    • Model LCR
  • Pump and heater level lockout applications
    • Model DLC

You can also view our catalog to see liquid level control connection diagrams to select the ideal component for your specific application.

Tempest Line Filters Now Part of Curtis Industries

Filter Networks

Curtis Industries is pleased to announce we now carry tempest line filters for military applications.

Our inventory includes:

  • Power line filters
  • Cyndrical filters
  • Data control line filters
  • RF power entry filters

We also offer highpass, lowpass & bandpass filters for audio, communication or telemetry applications, and fiber optic couplers, available in single or dual circuit configuration, with standard or custom designs available.

All of our TEMPEST line filters are designed for use in extreme temperatures from -55 degrees Celsius to 85+ degrees Celsius.

Electrical Component Manufacturers Are a Great Resource

Please use the Curtis Industries web site as the educational tool it is intended to be. Reference this resource often for updated electrical component information including double row terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, RFI filters, and more.

Our goal at Curtis Industries is to add performance, reliability and profitability to every aspect of the current carrying device industry... FOR YOU!

The entire Curtis team looks forward to serving your electrical component needs. Increase your profitability from product development through production with Curtis Industries.

Please contact custom electrical component manufacturers at Curtis Industries to experience and utilize our electrical component industry defining expertise, our patented technology, our intuitive genius and our ability to provide innovative custom solutions.